Famous Puerto Ricans

Sunday, October 2 by Ed Mulero

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Famous Puerto Ricans of TV and film have made great contributions from the little island in the Caribbean Sea and created many memorable performances. These famous entertainers add a lot of extra flavor like a few shots of rum to good ole Coke. The influence of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos in the media bring their culture to people who are not familiar with it. Variety is the spice and life and nothing can be further from the truth with these talented men and women. One look at these well known Puerto Ricans resume and it's no surprise why they are famous.

Raul Julia.

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He helped bring the famous television character, Gomez Addams, to the big screen in "The Addams Family" films with Angelica Houston as his Morticia. The multitalented Puerto Rican actor was a star on stage as well as movies such as " Man of La Mancha" which displayed his great singing ability. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in "Presumed Innocent," he passed away in 1994 but remained well respected by his peers. Now, if there is any way to eliminate "Street Fighter" from memory for all time.   

Jennifer Lopez.

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The world's most famous booty before Kim Kardashian exploded onto the screen with box office hits in "Anaconda" and "Out of Sight." Not bad for a former Fly Girl from the Fox sketch comedy series "In Living Color." The hot Puerto Rican from New York has her own clothing line, music career, and judge for the hit show "American Idol."

Benicio Del Torro.

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His charismatic presence help to make this Puerto Rican actor famous after years of working in small roles. No one can deny his talent in roles for films in "China Moon," "The Usual Suspects," "Basquiat," and "Traffic" for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He has come a long way since his small role in the television show "Miami Vice."

Marc Anthony.

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The Puerto Rican singer's claim to fame is his salsa music in such albums as "Otra Nota," "Todo a Su Tiempo," and "Contra la Corriente" to name a few. He recently parlayed his music career for acting roles in such films as "Hackers," "The Substitute," "Bringing Out the Dead," and "Man on Fire." Recently, he along with his wife Jennifer Lopez put down money for a stake in the Miami Dolphins, perhaps to rub off some of their luck on the wayward football team. 

Roselyn Sanchez.

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The famous Puerto Rican model turned actress brings her smoldering beauty to both movies and television. The sexy siren never disappoints in roles for "Chasing Papi," "Rush Hour 2," "The Game Plan," and "Yellow" in which she played a stripper.  Sadly, the stunner has recently married, but that doesn't stop her male fans from fantasizing each time she walks on screen.

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