There are a number of famous people with ADHD. ADHD stands for Attentions deficit hyperactivity disorder and, while some people still refuse to believe it is an honest disease, enough doctors have backed it to make it something to be taken seriously. The disease affects the learning skills and attention span of children and adults alike. While some may consider the children to be lazy or unmotivated, medication and proper care can help sufferers enjoy a healthy life. The people on this list prove that people with ADHD can be successful in life with the proper care.

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is the legendary NFL Hall of Fame quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. While he is one of the famous people with ADHD, he has battled the disease, as well as his well-documented case of depression, for years. He has become one of sport’s greatest analysts since his retirement from the sport but has admitted to his challenges when battling ADHD and is an advocate for the treatment of the disease.

Justin Timberlake

When he is not bringing the sexy back and making crazy music videos with “Saturday Night Live” cast member Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake is one of the famous people with ADHD, battling it every day of his life. In an interview, Timberlake admitted to having ADHD mixed with OCD but he has not let that stop him from launching a successful career in both music and movies.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is best known for his comic talents, morphing himself into a crazed, almost rubbery physical performer. However, Carrey admits that the cause of his crazed, over-the-top antics is because of his status as one of the famous people with ADHD. He took the disease and, instead of letting it slow down his life, capitalized on the effects and used it to become a successful comedian. He does admit that the disease makes it hard for him to come down from the highs of his comedy.

Emma Watson

While building her career as one of Hollywood’s most promising child actresses, Emma Watson also battles with her diagnosis as one of the famous people with ADHD. Watson, who rocketed to popularity thanks to her role in the “Harry Potter” film series was diagnosed with a severe type of ADHD as a child. She takes medication to combat the affects of the disease and has willed herself to a successful career.

Will Smith

If anyone wants to see how successful a person with ADHD can be, look no further than one of the most successful actors on the planet, Will Smith. Smith is one of the famous people with ADHD and has been a box office king many times over, at one time the King of the Independence Day movies. He said in an interview he was an underachiever as a child but that he would have been diagnosed as an ADHD sufferer if he had seen a doctor about his condition.