Pictures and stories of famous couples regularly occupy the front pages of magazines and garner intense interest on the internet. While some of the most famous lovers to capture the public's attention come from the world of entertainment a lot, there are also political powerhouse duos and royalty.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The red-hot couple right now is the newly-married Prince William and Kate Middleton of the United Kingdom. The new Duke and Duchess and Cambridge enjoyed a relatively quiet courtship, in terms of press coverage (outside of the United Kingdom), but the floodgates opened once the couple announced their engagement. Sporting the late Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring, Kate was immediately compared to Diana. England and the Royal Family, who put on a magnificent display of pomp and pageantry for their wedding, did not disappoint the millions of people watching from around the world.

Barrack and Michelle Obama

The President and First Lady of the United States brought renewed hope to millions of people worldwide when they became the White House's new reigning occupants. While her husband is the President, Michelle is no slacker herself. She can be regularly seen at events both here at home and abroad.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Two of Hollywood's sexiest and genetically-perfect entertainers set off a media firestorm when it was confirmed they were a couple. Not only do we envy their good looks, we also can't help but admire their commitment to humanitarian causes and their family.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

While some people may not envy their marriage, considering Bill's indiscretions and Hillary's constant traveling as Secretary of State, they're still together all these years.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

A listing of famous couples isn't complete without Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. While most people would not want their tumultuous love affair, you can't deny that they were certainly passionate about each other. The couple, Richard and Elizabeth, who couldn't live with each other but yet couldn't stay apart, married and divorced twice.

- Karen Lac