Hollywood is full of talented, famous black actors. Among the top actors are Golden Globe and Academy Award nominees and winners. The actors range from classic, iconic stars such as Sidney Poitier to young and upcoming actors such as Idris Alba.

  1. Sidney Poitier. No list of famous black actors would be complete without Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier. The iconic actor has starred in such classics as “In the Heat of the Night” and “To Sir with Love.” Although it is rare to see an appearance by Poitier in movies these days, he still sets the standard for young, aspiring actors.

  2. Denzel Washington. Actor Denzel Washington has managed to win an Academy Award in both the Supporting Actor and Best Actor categories. The versatile actor has been known to inspire in one movie and strike fear in the hearts of moviegoers in the next movie. Washington's status as a famous black actor was solidified early in his career.

  3. Wesley Snipes. Even though Wesley Snipes is unable to claim he ever won an Academy Award, he has been in some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time. Snipes has starred in numerous action-adventure movies including the “Blade” trilogy and “Murder at 1600.” Due to his popularity among female moviegoers in the '90s, Snipes is still considered one of the most famous black actors of all time.

  4. Samuel L. Jackson. Actor Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in over 100 films as of 2011. His films range from dramas such as “A Time to Kill” to action flicks such as “Die Hard with a Vengeance.” With his cool demeanor and sharp wit, Jackson is considered a top actor in Hollywood.

  5. Will Smith. When Will Smith appeared in his first acting role as the star of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” who would've thought the young actor would end up an Academy Award nominee? Despite the doubt of many, Smith turned out to be one of the most famous, talented black actors in the showbiz game. With blockbuster after blockbuster, Smith is at unstoppable force.

- Kenyotta Elijah