Some of the "Family Guy" voice actors provide vocals for more than one character by using different vocal ranges. One such voice actor does vocals for five main "Family Guy" characters, and all the voices sound distinctly different. The half-hour animated comedy premiered in 1999, and was canceled in 2001. In 2004, "Family Guy" was renewed and is currently being shown Sunday nights on FOX. You might be surprised to learn who some of the "Family Guy" voice actors are, because they have mainstream success outside the animated show.

  1. Seth MacFarlane. Seth McFarlane provides vocals for Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Tom Tucker, and other various guest roles. Along with being a "Family Guy" voice actor, MacFarlane is the creator, writer, and producer for the show.  MacFarlane uses his real voice for Brain the dogs character. He is also the creator of two other FOX half-hour animated comedy sitcoms titled "American Dad!" and "The Cleveland Show."

  2. Alex Borstein. From 1997-2002, "Family Guy" voice actor Alex Borstein was a part of the "MADtv" cast. She is best known for portraying Ms. Swan on the sketch comedy show. In 1999, she joined the cast of "Family Guy" as Lois Griffin. She also provides the voice for Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa, Loretta Brown, and Glenn Quagmire's girlfriend Stephanie. 

  3. Mila Kunis. The "Family Guy" voice actor for the Griffin middle child Meg is Mila Kunis. At the age of fifteen, she started providing the voice of Meg Griffin. From 1998-2006, she played a spoiled rich girl named Jackie in the television show "That '70s Show." In 2008 she emerged as a prominent film actress with roles in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Max Payne." In 2010, she starred as Lily in the popular film "Black Swan," which gained her a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress nomination.

  4. Seth Green. Born in 1974, Green is the "Family Guy" voice actor for the Griffins oldest son, Chris. Seth Green rose to popularity in 1997 by portraying Daniel "Oz" Osbourne in the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." That same year Green saw movie success by playing Scott Evil in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." In 1999 and 2002, he revised his role as Scott Evil in the second and third "Austin Powers" installments. He also was a voice actor for "Robot Chicken," "American Dad!" and "Titan Maximum."

  5. Patrick Warburton. He is the "Family Guy" voice actor for the Griffin's next door neighbor Joe, the handicapped police officer. Born in New Jersey, Patrick Warburton has an extensive voice acting resume. From 2003-2007 he provided several character voices for the animated kids show "Kim Possible," and from 2003-present he has a main voice acting role in "The Venture Bros." He also portrayed Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend David Puddy in the popular sitcom "Seinfeld." Currently, he is starring in the CBS half-hour sitcom "Rules of Engagement," which premiered in 2007.

  6. Mike Henry. The Caucasian voice actor provides vocals for Peter Griffin's slow-talking, African American best friend Cleveland Brown. On "Family Guy", Henry is also the voice for Herbert, Bruce and Consuela. In 2009, a spin-off show called "The Cleveland Show" took Cleveland off "Family Guy," and into his own program. He is also a voice actor on the animated sitcom "American Dad!", providing the voice for Jackson, who is one of Stan's CIA co-workers.