Eva Mendes sex scenes bring the hot Latina in all her glory from one passionate situation to another for fans to enjoy each time. Sex scenes are something not a lot of actresses like to do given the need to be nude, but Eva Mendes is not one to shy away from it. Not many can compare to the sexy Eva Mendes in smoking hot scenes of lust, especially in the buff. The luscious curves and lovely face of Eva Mendes is hard to resist and sex scenes get a boost with her in the picture. Eva Mendes sex scenes gives us the movie goddess for everyone to admire her hourglass figure and sultry presence.

  1. "We Own the Night." Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes star as a New York night club manager and his girlfriend who become embroiled in a plot against his family from the Russian Mafia. These two waste no time to get hot and heavy from the opening credits of the movie, with her boyfriend exposing her breast and tons of foreplay involved. This nice little sexy scene reeks with fire and passion that the talented actress is known for and fans love to see her in.

  2. "The Other Guys." Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg are two low level police detectives, Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, who get their big break when the super cops ar taken out of commission. Terry is introduced to Allen's smoking hot wife, Dr. Sheila Gamble played by Eva Mendes, and he cannot believe his partner's luck. Afterwards, the two share a funny scene where Eva Mendes dresses up like a grandma to appease her husbands strange sex fetish.

  3. "Training Day." Ethan Hawke is a young impressionable narc, Jake Hoyt, who goes under the wing of a shady Detective Alonzo Harris played by Denzel Washington as they hunt down drug dealers on the streets. During his time with Alonzo, Jake meets with his sexy wife Sara Harris and his son. Jake hunts down Alonzo back at the apartment after being set up only to drop in on his naked wife on the bed while Alonzo counted his money in a scene that oozes sex and greed.