Dwayne Johnson movies can be some of the most unpredictable pieces of cinema you will ever see. The catalog of Dwayne Johnson movies runs from intense drama to ridiculous comedy. But, just like his days as professional wrestling champion The Rock, Dwayne Johnson always puts his whole effort into his performance. It may be hard to believe that some of these movies star the same guy that used to put people in a headlock for a living, but that is what acting is all about.

"The Scorpion King" (2002).

Early in his movie career, Dwayne Johnson movies were billed as "starring The Rock." The WWE allowed Johnson to parlay his wrestling fame into movie ticket sales. "The Scorpion King" (2002) was Dwayne Johnson's first starring role, and it showed that he is a natural for the big screen. He was able to kick up the excitment for the fight scenes, and he also had the talent to bring it down for the love scenes. One thing that Dwayne Johnson did show in this movie is his comedic timing, which would play a part later in his career.

"The Rundown" (2003).

People that dismiss Dwayne Johnson movies as cliche are missing out on some entertaining flicks. Once again, Dwayne Johnson calls himself The Rock in the credits of this movie, and he plays along side comedian Seann William Scott. This is a simple chase movie, but Scott and Johnson work extremely well together and create some memorable comedic scenes. A jungle fight which directly involves Johnson and indirectly involves Scott sets the tone for a series of well-timed comedic elements that made Johnson look like a seasoned actor.

"Get Smart" (2008).

Dwayne Johnson movies have an intensity to the comedy that makes them unique. In "Get Smart" (2008), Dwayne Johnson plays Agent 23, who winds up being a traitor to the United States. It is Johnson's purposely uptight performance that make his scenes so memorable. It is difficult seeing Dwayne Johnson play the evil bad guy that gets tripped up by the hapless Agent Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell), but Johnson pulls it off so well.

"Tooth Fairy" (2010).

Every actor has that movie that fans watch and wonder why the hell the actor agreed to make that movie. "Tooth Fairy" (2010) is so stupid that it is funny. But it is only funny because of the way that Dwayne Johnson plays the role as if he cannot believe he is doing it either. The ending of this movie is cliche and just awful, but the movie is only watchable because of Johnson. This movie proves, conclusively, that there is a future in comedy for Dwayne Johnson.

"Fast Five" (2011).

Even when he was wrestling, Dwayne Johnson never looked as ripped as he looks in "Fast Five" (2011). He plays agent Luke Hobbs who is trying to shut down the entire crew of car thieves almost on his own. The role is a little cliche, but Johnson pulls it off so well that you are just dying to find out what he is going to do next. The movie itself is extremely entertaining, and it gets its edge because of the tension between Johnson's character and Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto.

-George Root