For avid film buffs that are interested in seeing some of the finest films from the past couple of decades, it is a good idea to check out a Denzel Washington movie list. Denzel Washington is a New York-born actor who is well-known due to his handsome, classic looks and also for his realistic acting portrayals. Some of the actor's most noteworthy roles have been in movies such as "Training Day," "Glory" and "Man on Fire."

  1. "Glory" is a historic war drama that hit theaters in the winter of 1989. In "Glory," Denzel Washington stars as Trip, a slave who escaped from his owner during the Civil War and becomes part of a volunteer regiment. Other actors that are part of the cast of "Glory" include Morgan Freeman, Cary Elwes, Matthew Broderick, Cliff DeYoung and Andre Braugher. The actor won an Academy Award for his role in the movie.

  2. "Training Day" is another movie that awarded Denzel Washington with an Academy Award. "Training Day" is a 2001 crime drama that centers around a typical day for a detective and a Los Angeles policeman, played by Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, respectively. The movie's cast also includes Tom Berenger, rappers Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre, vocalist Macy Gray and Cliff Curtis.

  3. "Man on Fire" is an action movie that was released in the spring of 2004. In "Man on Fire," Denzel Washington acts as John Creasy, a former Marine and suffering alcoholic who, on a visit to Mexico, gets hired to protect a little girl by the name of Lupita. The extensive cast consists of Dakota Fanning, singer Marc Anthony, Radha Mitchell, Giancarlo Giannini, Rachel Ticotin, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken.

  4. "He Got Game" is a 1998 sports-centered dramatic movie. The Spike Lee project stars Denzel Washington as Jake Shuttlesworth, a man who is incarcerated for killing his wife and who also happens to have a son who is one of the United States' most promising up-and-coming basketball players. The film's cast includes Milla Jovovich, Ray Allen, Ned Beatty, Rosario Dawson, Zelda Harris and John Turturro.

-Duncan Jones