One way to enjoy a laugh is by watching the many Dane Cook movies out there. Although Boston-reared funnyman Dane Cook is known primarily as a stand-up comic, he also makes frequent appearances in movies as a comedic actor. Dane Cook has acted in different roles from playing the wronged "straight man" to a wackier co-star to the "laugh out loud" life of the party. Some of Dane Cook's best known films include "Employee of the Month," "My Best Friend's Girl," "Good Luck Chuck," "Dan In Real Life" and "Stuck On You."

  1. "Employee of the Month" is a Jessica Simpson vehicle that came out in the autumn of 2006. The romantic comedy takes place in a Costco-inspired wholesale store known as "Super Club." The lighthearted film involves an innocent love triangle between Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook and Dax Shepard's characters.

  2. "My Best Friend's Girl" is a 2008 flick that stars bubbly blonde romcom sweetheart, Kate Hudson, as well as actor Jason Biggs, who is known for his turn in the raunchy "American Pie" series. In "Employee of the Month," Dane Cook plays a slickster who, as a hobby, takes women out on nightmarish dates to get them to go back to their ex-boyfriends.

  3. "Dan In Real Life" is a heartwarming 2007 comedy-drama that stars comedian Steve Carell of "The Office" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin" fame. The primary love interest in this film is French ingenue Juliette Binoche. In this movie, Steve Carell and Dane Cook act at brothers who fight for her affection (similar to "Employee of the Month").

  4. "Stuck On You" is a 2003 screwball comedy that stars actors Greg Kinnear, Matt Damon and Eva Mendes. In the silly comedy about conjoined twins, Dane Cook, who at an earlier point of his career, has a smaller role as a cop named Officer Fraioli.

  5. "Good Luck Chuck" is a comedy film that was released into movie theaters in the fall of 2007. In the movie, Dane Cook plays the title character, a dentist named Chuck that attempts to find love with Cam, who is portrayed by actress Jessica Alba.

  6. "Mr. Brooks," which came out in 2007 is a thriller that stars Kevin Costner. In "Mr. Brooks," Dane Cook portrays the ominous blackmailer named, simply, "Mr. Smith." In the movie, Dane Cook manipulates his way into becoming the sidekick of Costner's character, Mr. Brooks, who is a bloodthirsty murderer.

  7. "Waiting..." is a cult indie hit that came out in 2005. Apart from Dane Cook, the comedy stars Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long and Luis Guzman. The movie has the sarcastic vibe of a Kevin Smith film, a la "Clerks," and the raunchy vibe of a Judd Apatow production. Dane Cook has a small but memorable role as a cook at a restaurant called "Shenanigans."

  8. "The Touch" hit theaters in 2002 and is a martial arts movie that was produced in Hong Kong. The movie is centered around a Chinese dynasty of acrobats and martial artists. Made towards the beginning of his movie career, Dane Cook has a smaller role as Bob.

  9. "London" is a 2006 drama focused on the topic of romantic relationships and the chaos that surround them. The "London" cast includes Dane Cook, Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant and Chris Evans. Dane Cook plays George amidst all of the partying, tequila and lost relationships that are depicted in the film about young and attractive New Yorkers.

  10. "Torque" is a fast-paced action movie that was released in the winter of 2004. Torque has a large ensemble cast which includes Ice Cube, Jaime Pressly, Monet Mazur, Dane Cook and Christina Milian. In "Torque," Dane Cook has a funny role as a tourist that finds himself in a bit of a scuffle with a biker gang that is known as the "Hellions."

-Isobel Prontes