Daaaamn Gina! These Martin Lawrence Movies are Funny

Sunday, October 23 by Tamela Peoples

Martin Lawrence

Anyone who likes cinema may find it easy to name a few Martin Lawrence movies. Lawrence is a stand-up comedian that had his own TV series, "Martin" from 1992 to 1997, and worked in various cinematic enterprises. Look below to see if you remember any of his movies.

"Bad Boys".


Lawrence is Miami police officer, Marcus Burnett. Burnett and his partner, played by Will Smith, protect the only witness against a drug lord. The investigation leads to a switch in identity, a lot of car chase scenes, and a lot of gun shots.

"Big Momma’s House".

Big Momma’s House.jpg

Lawrence portrays, Malcolm Turner, an FBI agent that goes undercover to find a violent criminal. Turner decides to stakeout and get close to the girlfriend (Nia Long) of the convict. He disguises himself as Big Momma, a rotund woman that is the mother figure in the neighborhood.

"Black Knight".


In this film, Jamal Walker (played by Lawrence) is an average guy that gets transported to 14th century England. Jamal pares up with a peasant girl to go against the antagonistic King Leo. Comedy ensues when present day culture is brought to the historic England.

"Open Season".


Martin Lawrence voices the character Boog, a grizzly bears that does not know how to live in the wild. This animated feature follows Boog and his dimwitted companion, Elliot the deer, as they try to find shelter before the start of hunting season.

"Wild Hogs".

Wild Hogs.jpg

Lawrence co-stars with Tim Allen, John Travolta and William H. Macy. This adventure film is about four men who are tired of their boring lifestyle and decide to get on their motorcycles and hit the open road. Things turn comical when they go head-to-head with a real biker gang.

– Tamela Peoples

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