Zooey Deschanel comes across as a cute and young girl who doesn’t have much to say and doesn’t have many thoughts. However, that impression quickly gets turned around as she takes on any of her most noteworthy movie roles. Her characters are often quite thoughtful in addition to being sweet, sexy and attractive. She has become one of the most viable actresses because of her consistent appeal. Here are five Zooey Deschanel scenes that are memorable and adorable.


(500) Days of Summer (2009) --  Bar Scene


In this movie, Deschanel plays Summer Finn, a young woman who has recently moved to New York City and taken a job at a greeting card company. She befriends several of her coworkers and develops a relationship with Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt). In one of their first encounters, they go to a Karaoke bar and Summer performs Nancy Sinatra’s Sugar Town while Tom sings “Here Comes Your Man.” The scene show that while both characters have a tendency towards shyness, both know how to overcome that issue and have fun.


(500) Days of Summer (2009) – Copier Machine Scene


After Summer and Tom establish their friendship, they are both at the copy machines. They acknowledge each other and while they have not formally started going out, they both have feelings for each other. Summer takes the initiative by pressing the copy button, walking over to the machine where Tom is standing and gives him a full kiss right in the middle of the work day. It is sweet and an adorable moment.


Elf (2003) – Christmas Tree Scene



Deschanel is an overwhelmed New Yorker (Jovie) who is behind on her bills. In an effort to make a little extra money, Jovie takes a Christmas job at a department store. While she is putting up decorations on a Christmas tree, Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) introduces himself to her and tries to cheer her up by telling her how much fun it is to sing. Jovie looks at him as if he is some kind of imbecile, but a part of her in intrigued.


Yes Man (2008) Bar Scene


Carl (Jim Carrey) is a businessman whose life is going nowhere. Then he decides to say “yes” to everything and his life changes. He meets Allison (Deschanel) and she becomes his new girlfriend. She sings a memorable song to Carl while at a bar saying she’s not a booty call. The look on her face as she sings is irresistible and adorable.


Our Idiot Brother (2011) “You’re Wearing Food” Scene


Natalie (Deschanel) and Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) are two sisters who are trying to help out their other sister Liz (Emily Mortimer), who appears to have given up and gotten out of “the game.” Natalie and Miranda encourage her to pick herself up and do something about her appearance because she used to be so “hot” and she can get back there again if she makes the effort. In the scene, Deschanel seems to want to help her sister but she also seems to take a little delight in the fact that she has completely outstripped her in the hotness quotient.