Dyslexia is an often misunderstood learning disability, but the growling list of famous people with dyslexia helps to dispel the myth that people with it are dumb. People with dyslexia have trouble reading because their brains do not recognize and process some symbols. They may have trouble understanding the meaning of a sentence, not recognize written words and have difficulty rhyming. However, this list of famous people with dyslexia shows that dyslexia is not an impediment to success and worldwide fame. 

Albert Einstein. The man who mastered the theory of relativity was dyslexic. Albert Einstein is widely recognized as one of the most intelligent human beings to have ever learned. There is even a company, Baby Einstein, which uses his name in hopes of getting the business of parents who want super intelligent children. 

Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is one of the world's most famous actors. Despite having dyslexia, he has starred in blockbuster movies and has received praise from critics for his acting skills. Tom Cruise's success in a career that requires reading and understanding scripts makes it even more impressive. He credits his belief of Scientology, specifically the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Study Technology, with helping him overcome his dyslexia in 1986. 

Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill guided the United Kingdom through World War II with his courage and steady hand. The two-time Prime Minister's dyslexia clearly didn't stop him from rising to a challenge and handling himself like a true leader.

Princess Beatrice. Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom made headlines on April 29, 2011 by wearing a hat that looked like a mix between a giant pretzel and dear's antlers to Prince William's wedding. A lesser known fact about her is that she is dyslexic. She struggled to read books that her younger sister, Princess Eugenie, could read. The famous princess received extra help in reading and writing while preparing for her General Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 2005.

Whoopi Goldberg It wasn't until years after she dropped out of high school that Whoopi Goldberg was diagnosed with dyslexia. She overcame early hardships to become the famous comedian, actress and television personality that she is today.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              — Karen Lac