Chelsea Handler is a comedian, television host, actress, and author, and the comedians of "Chelsea Lately" certainly are quite funny as well. "Chelsea Lately" is a late night comedic talk show that will have you laughing non-stop the entire time, and the comedians are truly some of the most hilarious entertainers out there. Continue reading to learn more about the comedians of "Chelsea Lately". 

  1. Chelsea Handler. Chelsea is, of course, the host of "Chelsea Lately". Chelsea Handler began doing the show back in July 2007, and it became a hit soon after. Before "Chelsea Lately", Handler was a well-known comedian who had participated in various television programs. Chelsea also models and has appeared in "Playboy" Magazine. 

  2. Chuy. Chuy is Chelsea Handler's funny little sidekick on the show, and he comes up with hilarious lines almost as funny as Chelsea's. Chuy's real name is Jesus Melgoza, and he is a 51-year-old Latino who also serves as Chelsea's personal assistant on the show. 

  3. Brad Wollack. Wollack serves as a regular comedian on "Chelsea Lately", and is also a writer and producer. Wollack is currently one of the writers for "Chelsea Lately", and for a good reason. He is just downright funny! Viewers just can't get enough of Wollack's hilarious lines and crazy red hair. 

  4. Heather McDonald. McDonald is a writer, comedian, and actress who is also a writer of "Chelsea Lately". Heather is also known for her hilarious impersonations of celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Rachel Zoe, and Celine Dion. 

  5. Loni Love. Loni Love is an actress and comedian who began her career in 2003 after appearing on "Star Search" as a runner-up comedian. Viewers love Loni because she always tells it how it is, and just plain entertaining to watch.

  6. Chris Franjola. Mr. Franjola is also a round table regular on "Chelsea Lately", and is one of the several writers for the show. The good looking Chris Franjola can be seen on several episodes of "Chelsea Lately", as well as an actor in the movie, "The Mother of Invention". 

  7. Sarah Colonna. Sarah is a round table regular and writer for "Chelsea Lately", and also tours as a comedian all around the country. Sarah Colonna began her career as a stand-up comedian years ago when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her comedic dreams.