Child actors have a hard road ahead of them and 'where are they now' is always a question asked. This is a list of seven child stars who have become something else, advanced in their profession or failed in adapting on such a hard road.

  1. Wil Wheaton - A child star who was cool for facing down Kiefer Sutherland and living on a spaceship, Wil Wheaton now writes a blog. Wil Wheaton became tired of Trekkies bad mouthing his acting abilities and moved on from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." He became a former child start who writes a blog about being a former child star and a Star Trek geek on a blog. He does a rare cameo playing himself to add to his geek resume.

  2. Tatyana Ali – The beautiful and multi-talented Tatyana is most famous for her portrayal of Ashley Banks, the spunky and self-aware teenager, on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." She continues to act in various supporting roles while she works on her solo-R&B albums. She has definitely grown into her image of cute and sassy and uses that image to continue her singing career.

  3. Justine Bateman - With the success of Jason Bateman lately, some people start to wonder what happened to his sister, Justine. Justine was just as popular as Jason was while they worked as child stars on opposite shows during the 1980s. Justine had a huge hit with "Satisfaction" unfortunately,  Julia Roberts is the only reason anyone mentions that movie anymore. Since she hasn't been able to find the level of success her brother did in front of the camera, she began working harder behind it. She created a digital production company which produces shows online. Her work has won awards and continues to grow.

  4. Elizabeth Berkley – Once lovingly known as Jesse on "Saved By the Bell," Elizabeth made the mistake of believing she could follow in Demi Moore’s footsteps and play a stripper with a story. This move messed up her career more than her own bad acting ever could and she has been trying to redeem herself since. She has judged on her own version of "American Idol" called "Step It Up and Dance" on Bravo that may have lasted a season. She has created a website for young women to receive self-esteem tips from a woman who knows all about bringing yourself back from the bottom.

  5. Amanda Bynes – Amanda Bynes has shot a spread for Maxim magazine showing off how sexy 24 year old former child star can be. She is best know for her comedy skits on "All That" and "The Amanda Show." She plays adorable very well, but now she claims she is looking for more adult roles. It is worth sticking around to see if she can pull it off.

  6. Macaulay Culkin – His star rose very quickly with movies about a boy who was left alone at home. He was cute, and funny, but then "The Good Son", Elijah Wood, came and took the blonde wonderboy’s spotlight in real life. Culkin has taken some time for himself and got married way too young. After an arrest and court time split between supporting Michael Jackson and pleading innocent to his own charges, Culkin was able to pull a meager career out of commercials and guest shots on TV. He has yet to have his own “come-back.”

  7.  Edward Furlong – Globally known as John Connor from "Terminator 2," Edward became a sudden child star. However, almost everything he made after that phenomenal movie was riddled with poor acting and bad luck. Only one movie made after his big start was worth the time and budget. "American History X" was an intense look into neo-nazi culture. Edward has had many bouts of drug and alcohol abuse and run-ins with the law. He most recently has been arrested for violating a restraining order his ex-wife, the mother of his son, had placed upon him.

-Amy Lea