Thanks to 2009's The Hangover, one-note "comedian" Zach Galifianakis developed a career that's inexplicable to people like me who, y'know, actually enjoy people that are funny.

Also thanks to the same movie, pediatrician-turned-stand-up-comedian Ken Jeong made it on everyone's radar; it was his third time as a real presence in a movie (following the superior Role Models from 2008 and 2007's aiiiight Knocked Up). Tack on his role as Community's Señor Ben Chang — in which he provided that show's best moment not involving Alison Brie's cleavage — and Jeong was on a nice little career ascendancy around the turn of the decade...

...and then it quickly became clear that he didn't seem to have a lot of range. I've never seen Jeong do much outside of three things: Dance like an Asian version of Michael Jackson on Red Bull, mock "black" dialect, and basically sell out his people with an easy go-to Korean accent. And it turns out he's been at this schtick since well before he was famous.

So with the news that he's getting his own MTV show called Ken Jeong Made Me Do It, in which he'll play some version of himself, I wonder if he can carry it long enough for people to really care. I get the feeling that MTV viewers will be like, "Ooo, he's yelling and half-naked again. Awesome!" before completely tuning out halfway through the season. Most likely, his show will go the way of the Cavemen sitcom — an extremely ill-advised attempt to extend something that worked perfectly in short bursts.

Seriously though, they're giving this guy a television show:

God damn it.