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Jenna Jameson.

Jenna Jameson is a hot blonde pornstar that was born in 1974. She earned the reputation for being the most famous blonde pornstar ever when she was one of the first pornstars to make a fortune off the Internet. She is considered one of the most frequently downloaded Internet searches of all time.

Nina Hartley.

The porn career of blonde pornstar Nina Hartley has spanned four decades. Hartley started making pornographic films in 1984 and, as of 2011, she has appeared in over 800 adult movies.

Ginger Lynn.

Ginger Lynn is one of the original blonde pornstars as she started her porn career in 1983. She has done over 250 pornographic films, and she has also been featured in several low-budget non-pornographic movies as well.

Amber Lynn.

Amber Lynn entered the world of adult movies with her friend Ginger Lynn, and joined Ginger Lynn in becoming one of the most famous blonde pornstars of all time. She has been inducted into the Adult Video News hall of fame, and has appeared in over 350 adult films. She also works prominently as an exotic dancer throughout the United States.


Many porn movie fans thought that Seka was from Europe, but Seka was born in Virginia in 1956. Seka started making pornographic movies in the 1970's while she was still a teenager. Her enthusiasm for truly erotic sex scenes was one of the things that drew audiences to her.