Best Video Game Voice Actors

Monday, September 26 by Sean Rocco

True talent and experience make the best video game voice actors stand out among the hordes. Anyone who can’t tell the difference between a professional video game voice actor and the programmer’s family needs to get their ears checked immediately. Choosing the best voice actors is no trivial undertaking, but here you can find a list without Nolan North. One trick ponies not allowed.

  1. Jennifer Hale, AKA female Shepard. Fantastic voice actors fill the “Mass Effect" series, but the one that stands out the most is Jennifer, otherwise known as female Shepard. I don’t know of any woman who could have pulled off the emotions and military stoicism that Jennifer did in this space epic. Starring in more than 230 TV episodes, movies and videogames, Jennifer has done more with just her voice than most people do with their lives. Imagine recording hundreds of hours of dialogue and then players can choose male Shepard. Bummer.
  2. Terrance Carson, the man who defeated Zeus. “God of War” wasn’t defined by its voice acting but Kratos’ deep anger, brutal revenge and flawless delivery topped off the package nicely. Even the gods should not mess with Kratos, but the man behind the voice does not look so intimidating. Terrance may not look physically capable of being able to defeat a god, but his voice alone will drive the fear of death right into you. Being tricked into butchering your family and being a slave to a god is not something the average person would be able to handle this well.
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