Best Spanish Film Directors

Thursday, August 11 by Sylvia Cochran

Best Spanish Film Directors

Over the decades, it was the collective of the best Spanish film directors that shaped the Spanish cinema. It now enjoys a reputation of being a mix of the surreal, passionate and fantastic. Plenty of these movies forego typical American fast-paced action for the sake of the psychological thrill, an absurd chase of the dreamlike and an animated examination of the downright sensually bizarre. These are not the types of movies that a lot of money and special effects can produce; instead, the truly artful execution is due and owing to the best Spanish film directors.

Luis Buñuel.

Luis Buñuel Best Spanish Film Directors.jpg

Among the best Spanish film directors, he is probably the most famous but also controversial. He freely lists the Marquis de Sade and Salvador Dali as some of his major influences, and his movies reflect an oddly surreal and sensual quality. “Death in the Garden” from 1956 is one of his most famous (and star-studded) works, featuring Simone Signoret.

Luis García Berlanga.

Luis García Berlanga Best Spanish Film Directors .jpg

Considered globally as one of the most influential directors, Berlanga became famous for “The Executioner.” Filmed in 1963, it is a very dark comedy that combines macabre plays with taboo subjects.

Fernando Fernán-Gómez.

Fernando-Fernan-Gomez Best Spanish Film Directors.jpg

One of the best Spanish film directors, he not only wrote a lot of his material but also starred in the movies. A great example is 1986 movie “Voyage to Nowhere,” which is a drama that netted him the first Goya Award ever to be offered to a director.

Carlos Saura.

carlos_saura_Best Spanish Film Directors .jpg

His 1986 musical “Hexed Love” centers on the art of the flamenco dance style, which secures his position along with the most authentic as well as best Spanish film directors.

While this is only a short list naming some of the best Spanish film directors, it is noteworthy that some movie greats may have only one or two titles to their credit, but even so shaped the direction of the Spanish cinema.

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