The best Italian movie directors made films that will be remembered for ages. If you want to improve your knowledge of film history, take a look at the films of at least one of these Italian movie directors. Their work ranges from experimental and challenging movies to heartfelt, moving dramas.

  1. Michelangelo Antonioni. Perhaps best known for "Blow Up," a film set in London in the 1960's, Italian movie director Antonioni had created a few masterpieces before that. His greatest work may be "L'avventura," a slow moving film which won the Grand Jury  Prize at Cannes in 1960. In 1995, he was given an honorary lifetime achievement award for his work as an Italian movie director.

  2. Pier Paolo Pasolini. Another great Italian movie director, Pasolini became famous for his challenging and controversial films. He was arrested for blasphemy in 1962, after his film "La Ricotta," about the making of a film about the passion of the Christ, was released. Despite his controversial status, Pasolini is recognized as one of Italy's best movie directors. He received the Grand Jury prize in 1974 at Cannes for his film "Arabian Nights."

  3. Roberto Rossellini. Father of the great actress Isabella Rossellini, Roberto Rossellini numbers among Italy's best movie directors. His works had a great impact on French New Wave directors. Known of working in the Italian Neorealist style, Rossellini's movies were often set among the working class. His film "Open City" won the Grand Prize at the 1946 Cannes Festival.

  4. Federico Fellini. Perhaps the best of the best of all Italian movie directors, Fellini has had a broad impact on filmmakers who followed. Although he began his career creating neo-realistic movies, he soon developed his own style, a sort of surrealist, autobiographical style. In 1993, he was given an honorary lifetime achievement Oscar. His films "La Dolce Vita," 8 1/2," and "Amaracord" were also nominated of Oscars.

-Amy Freeman