If you are a fan of Alec Baldwin, you will know that he is part of an acting family known as the Baldwin Brothers. The four brothers, Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen have all established, with varying degrees of success, their presence in Hollywood, with results both good and bad.

Alec Baldwin

By far the most successful of the Baldwin brothers has been Alec, who has established himself as a venerable and adaptable actor able to play in both comedies and dramas. Although he has had his share of personal troubles, Alec has starred in such high-profile films and television series as “The Hunt for Red October,” “The Aviator” and the hit comedy series “30 Rock.”

Daniel Baldwin

Although not as famous as his brother (and with personal problems such as an addiction to pain killers), Daniel Baldwin has recently established himself as an actor worthy of some amount of respect. In addition to a rather substantial role in the series “Cold Case,” he also played a villainous (but well-received) part as Julius Krug in the acclaimed HBO film “Grey Gardens.” He is also well-known for his recurring spot on the humorous series “The Smoking Gun Presents.”

William Baldwin

This Baldwin brother has not fared as well as his older siblings and has actually been nominated for two Razzie Awards for Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple. Despite these setbacks, this brother of Alec and Daniel has starred in a number of successful series and films, including a recurring role in the series “Gossip Girl.”

Stephen Baldwin

The youngest of the Baldwin brothers has had some successes in his career, including a recurring role in the series “The Young Riders” in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is also notable for his stance as a born-again Christian, as a result of which he supported the policies and presidency of George W. Bush.