These B Western movie stars had the roles that failed to get the real glory. They are a huge part of cinematic history though. Some people even have fan sites just for these guys. Tons of the B Western stars are bad guys. They are after all, some of the most creative roles. It takes tons of talent to pull those off and do the roles justice. Here are several of the all-time favorites from the golden age of Westerns. They are some great choices ranging from supporting role to funny side-kick. There's even a villain in the mix.

  1. Roy Barcroft is a guy that has made a lot of shows better by holding supporting roles. He worked for Republic Pictures for 30 years starting in 1937. He has been in more movies and series for television than one could list here. His most famous is probably "Bonanza", where he played the shopkeeper. He made the show by always having interjections that were formative to the story.

  2. Hal Taliaferro is another B Western movie star of note. He helped make "The Lone Ranger" the success that it was by acting in the role of "Bob Stuart". He was in countless other Westerns, usually as the bad guy. He had a talent for looking like he was "in the know" about things. That made him perfect for those roles. He pulled the "look" off really well.

  3. Max Terhune was another great on the list of B Western movie stars. He played in may B roles throughout the golden age of Westerns. He always had his dummy "Elmer" on the set. He is the funniest actor on this list by far. He was the comic relief of many of these movies. Nobody could make a crowd laugh at a dummy line better than Max Terhune.

  4. Herb Jeffries is the best on the list yet. While many may not be aware of this B Western movie, he is a wonderful star. He rode the range and sang through out 1930's. His melodies made his B Western movies more like musicals than straight up movies. It was a welcome treat for audiences.