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Sunday, July 31 by Layla Sinclair

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The “Avatar” movie cast contains both veteran and newcomer actors in imaginative, adventurous roles. The movie is a spectacle to watch, but the actors’ performances also make this cinematic feat a great movie. Learn more about the cast and their film projects below.

Sam Worthington

This Aussie actor caught a huge break by being part of the “Avatar” movie cast and playing the hero, Jake Sully. His other great claim to fame was “Terminator Salvation,” in which he played a partial cyborg. One of his latest movies, “Clash of the Titans,” failed to live up to the success of “Avatar.”

Zoe Saldana

This actress and lead member of the “Avatar” movie cast has recently become one of Hollywood’s “it” girls. She got her start in the ballet flick, “Center Stage” and has since become an action star in movies like “Losers,” and “Star Trek.” In "Avatar," the actress plays Na'vi native, Neytiri.

Sigourney Weaver

An already respected and well-known actress, Weaver has collaborated with “Avatar” director James Cameron in the past and enjoys playing strong-willed female characters. In the film, she plays the scientist, Dr. Grace Augustine. This member of the “Avatar” movie cast has starred in films like “Alien,” “Ghostbusters” and “Heart Breakers.”

Giovanni Ribisi

This actor plays the greedy contractor, Parker Selfridge in “Avatar.” Before becoming a member of the “Avatar” movie cast, he starred in films like “Lost in Translation” and “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” He has also guest-starred on a number of TV shows including “Friends,” “My Name is Earl,” and “Entourage.”

Stephen Lang

The main villain Colonel Miles Quaritch from “Avatar” made quite an impression on viewers in the movie, which is one of his most recognized roles. The “Avatar” movie cast member has been around for decades, but has mostly worked on stage.

Michelle Rodriguez

The “Avatar” movie cast member plays a tough female fighter pilot named Trudy Chacon in the film. The actress often plays strong women and has appeared in films like “Blue Crush,” “The Fast and the Furious,” and “Machete.” 

-Layla Sinclair

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