At Least She’s Pretty: The 4 Worst Actresses In Hollywood

Tuesday, July 24 by Joe Terzio

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Hollywood has its share of actresses that are woefully bad, but who are the four worst actresses in Hollywood working in movies today? This list won’t include any of the thousands of fringe wannabe “actresses” who are working as waitresses until they get their big break (which will never come). No, it's about major big-time actresses who appear in lots of movies while their acting skills are mediocre at best. Which ones seemingly get roles because they are hot and for that reason alone? The list could be quite long, but we’ll narrow it down to the top (or bottom, rather) four actresses who do the profession a disservice by polluting the celluloid in which they appear.


Kristen Stewart

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	Naming K-Stew to the list is almost too easy, but she is quite deserving of the spot. She was first noticed when she appeared in “Panic Room” with Jodie Foster years ago. She played the part well and seemed to be a talented young actress. Apparently she hasn’t progressed at all in the past ten years. The depth of her acting range appears to go from uncomfortable to awkward. She has this one look on her face all the time where she is either in a half-smile or half-grimace, depending upon what your interpretation of it is. She uses that look to try and show fear, anger, confusion, happiness, and just about any other emotion you can name. Add those awful <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>vampire movies</a> to the horrible acting and K-Stew is one of the most annoyingly bad actresses out there working today.</p>
	<strong>Jennifer Aniston</strong></p>
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The reigning Queen of the jessica-alba-sin-city.jpg

Jessica is a beautiful, sexy woman and seems really sweet, but she’s been in some horrifically bad movies. Her most memorable “acting” moment was the dancing cowgirl stripper scene in “Sin City.” It was a wonderfully sexy, great scene and Jessica was so hot that she could have set off a fire alarm, but if that’s the most memorable moment in your acting career it may speak to your limited abilities as an actress. Jessica doesn’t possess much of an acting range and always seems to play the sweet good-girl type. Some of her more awful movies include “The Love Guru,” “Into the Blue,” “Meet Bill,” and “Good Luck Chuck.”  


Megan Fox


Megan was born in the wrong era; she would’ve made a great silent film star where she only had to look good and didn’t have to speak. However, since “talkies” have been around for the past 80 years or so, the super-hot actress is out of luck. She was thrust into the spotlight when Michael Bay plucked her out of near obscurity to play the female lead in 2007’s “Transformers” movie. Apparently the success of that and the sequel lead Megan to think she could actually act instead of being eye-candy for teenage boys. The result was a swollen ego and some disparaging remarks directed at Bay. Long story short, Bay replaced Fox with a Victoria’s Secret model with no acting experience for the third “Transformers” movie as though to prove how little Fox meant to the success of the franchise. Since then she’s appeared in the awful “Jennifer’s Body” and “Jonah Hex” and it appears her career may have already peaked. However, nobody has looked better fixing a broken-down yellow Camaro.

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