Sometimes everyone needs a change of pace from Hollywood stars, so here's a list of Asian celebrities. These celebrities from the east have risen to the top and attained stardom that most people can only dream of. So without further adieu, here's the finest Asia has to offer.

  1. Jet Li. It's little wonder why he made it on this list. Starting out as a young martial arts champion, Li went on to produce many Chinese films, and became renowned in Asia. His more popular films in the west arre ''Hero'' and most recently, ''The Expendables.''

  2. Donnie Yen. Yen was already middle aged when he became what was considered an A-list actor. Yen's most praised film would have to be ''Ip Man'', where he stars as one of the most famous practitioners of Wing Chun. Yen has also collaborated with Li in many films in the past, ''Hero" included.

  3. BoA. One of Korea's most famous pop stars, this idol has become an inspiration for many aspiring young artists who wish to pursue a career in music. While still relatively young, BoA has already made a name for herself as Korea's top K-Pop star.

  4. Zhang Ziyi. This beauty has often been called the sexiest woman in China. Ziyi was popularized in the west when she co-starred in ''Rush Hour 2" with Jackie Chan and Chris tucker as a villain. More popular films were ''Memories of a Geisha''.

  5. Jackie Chan. Probably the most famous Asian celebrity in history. His fame is right up there with Bruce Lee and Akira Kurosawa. Known mostly for his martial arts films, Chan's movies aren't just about blood and gore, he's also a very apt comedian as well. While mostly known in the States for the ''Rush Hour'' series, he was already a very prominent actor in Asia long before.

  6. Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee's film career is what made him a celebrity for his physical prowess. Lee possessed the physical abilities of a modern Hercules. Lee's mysterious death only made people wonder more what could have taken down this titan.

  7. Takeshi Kitano. Kitano is easily one of Japan's best directors of this generation. While his  films usually cover unusually dark themes, they have their own sense of black humor. Notable films include ''Violent Cop'' and ''Achilles and the Tortoise.''

  8. John Woo. John woo in the master of shooting scenes. It's only a shame that he didn't get into the Western genre of directing. Woo's action films with Chow-Yun Fat have been some of the most inspirational movies for all artists. It's even hinted that his films have inspired the concept for the game ''Max Payne.''

  9. Chow Yun-Fat. Fat isn't very well known to the western populous. His only film that was notable in the west was ''Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" which received rave reviews from western critics. He prefers to stay away from the chaos of being a celebrity and Hollywood, but his work with ''Bulletproof Monk'' and the ''Pirates of The Caribbean'' series shows that he's open minded as well.

  10. Ken Watanabe. Possibly one of the most versatile actors of this generation. Watanabe's performances thrill audiences whether he's performing an English role or a Japanese one. His breakthrough came through Christopher Nolan's ''Inception'', and it cemented him as a Hollywood celebrity.