These Arnold Schwarzenegger movies rank among the best action movies ever made. Before he ventured into the political arena, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a box office juggernaut. Whether or not he returns to acting, this musclebound, Austrian-born, former California governor will always be considered a silver screen legend.


“Commando” Younger viewers who may have missed this old gem are sure to be treated to good old '80s mindless cinematic violence and carnage. A peak form Arnold Schwarzenegger plays John Matrix, a commando whose daughter was kidnapped by a former Latin American leader. The fallen dictator was hoping to use her as a pawn to force Matrix to take out a political rival. Instead of bowing down to his adversary, the elite ex-soldier gears up and picks apart the villain's minions while desperately searching for his young daughter. Moral of the story: If you mess with Schwarzenegger's family, prepare to die a nasty death.

“Predator” This film basically kicked off the entire "Predator" movie franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays yet another military-type character who leads a crack team of special forces operators in a secret mission deep in the steaming jungles of South America Unknown to the squad, a technologically superior, extra-terrestrial creature has taken interest in the group and has began to hunt them down one by one. Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up with fellow '80s icons, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura in this 1987 release.


“True Lies” Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Harry Tasker, a government intelligence agent who battles terrorists while trying to save his marriage. Schwarzenegger plays opposite the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis who landed the role of Tasker's oblivious wife. Also starring in “True Lies” is funnyman Tom Arnold, the versatile Bill Paxton and the beautiful Tia Carrere. The late Hollywood superstar Charlton Heston even makes a brief appearance in the film.


Conan the Barbarian” A raw but finely chiseled Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the movie that may have kicked started his stellar career. With his family mercilessly butchered by an evil warlord, Conan grows up to become a powerful warrior. He then goes on a quest to seek revenge, while teaming up with skilled fighters with similar agendas along the way. The film was so successful that it spawned a sequel and a spinoff movie. A remake in glorious 3D is scheduled for release very soon.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day” Many consider “T2” to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's opus. Schwarzenegger returns as the menacing Terminator in this 1991 sequel. This time he plays the hero who must defend John Connor from a more advanced killer cyborg. The villainous T-1000 was sent from the future to assassinate the young Connor and change the course of history. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is not just a good action movie, it is a true cinematic masterpiece. The special effects were well ahead of its time and the plot was simply amazing. With James Cameron calling the shots the master director was able to bring out the best from an otherwise mediocre cast and actually squeezed out some real acting from the hulking Hollywood action star.