Dave Chappelle stand-up jokes are important to differentiate from the numerous jokes he has told in his infamous show, "The Dave Chappelle Show" or cult classic movies like "Half Baked." He first got his start as a stand-up comedian, as most great comic actors do, writing his own bits and doing them in comedy clubs or on talk shows once he became big enough. Some of the funniest, simplest Dave Chappelle stand-up jokes out there are important to learn so you can repeat them to your friends. Just make sure you credit him.

On Titty Bars. One of the things that makes Dave Chappelle such a good stand-up comedian is that he takes aspects of everyday life and puts them under the microscope. It's often simple things that we don't think about, framed in the context of a story that happened to him. For example, this Dave Chappelle stand-up joke covers etiquette in strip clubs: "Titty bars have a weird morality. One time I walked into a titty bar and all these dudes are coming in. And the bouncer picked me out of the crowd and started yelling at me. 'Hey Buddy! Sir! Sir! You wanna take your hat off? It's disrespectful to the ladies.' Yeah I can shove a twenty up her ass but better not have a hat on when I do it."

On Premature Ejaculation. Comedians often take funny or embarrassing sayings or phrases and reall break them down. Chappelle did this often through smart one-liners. For example, this Dave Chapelle stand-up joke covers premature ejaculation, which is basically always funny. "I don't believe in premature ejaculation. If I come, it was right on time."

On Being Famous. This Dave Chappelle stand-up joke is about being famous and how difficult it is. This may explain his freak-out later on in his career. It is one of the more personal jokes that he makes about his life relating to society as a whole, and the most shocking thing is that he is right. "You can become famous but you can't become unfamous. You can become infamous but not unfamous."

On RacismThis Dave Chappelle stand-up joke is about racism, which Chappelle always seems attuned to. But the funniest thing about this joke is that it's also about politics, combining two hot button issues into one funny joke: "You know the only time racism is good for black people? Terrorism. Terrorists never take black hostages."

On Being Smart. This Dave Chappelle stand-up joke is about how smart he is and explains a lot about who he is. This may also reveal more about why he walked away from the lucrative Comedy Central deal and more or less ended his career, at least up until this point: "I'm one of those people that is so smart, I'm uncomfortable in this world." 

- Eli Kooris