When she was the star of Disney's "The Princess Diaries," no one really figured there would be Anne Hathaway sex scenes in the future, but she shed her good-girl movie image early on and has not let up since. There are three movies with Anne Hathaway sex scenes and one other movie, "Rachel Getting Married," where she shows off what nature gave her in a non-sexual scene. Here are the films featuring Anne Hathaway sex scenes.

  1. "Havoc." This 2005 film is the story of some suburban Los Angeles teenage girls, played by Hathaway and Bijou Phillips, who play gangster in their safe neighborhood, only to find themselves in over their heads when they meet, some real East Los Angeles gang members. There are multiple Anne Hathaway sex scenes in this movie; a couple with her suburban boyfriend and a later one with one of the real gangsters.

  2. "Brokeback Mountain." While this is most famous for its sex scene between stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. As a woman who falls in love with Gyllenhaal's gay character, she goes topless in yet another one of cinema's Anne Hathaway sex scenes.

  3. "Love and Other Drugs." Most romantic comedies do not admit that much of romance is sex. This is not so with "Love and Other Drugs," the most recent film to feature not one, but many Anne Hathaway sex scenes with her lucky co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a modern romantic comedy in that it is more frank about sex and its importance to relationships. Guys will still probably just want to watch it for the Anne Hathaway sex scenes.