Adam Sandler songs were part of the routine that broke comedian Adam Sandler into American mainstream success. Most comedy fans have their favorite Adam Sandler songs, and can probably sing all of the lyrics as well. Sandler has released many albums that contain some classic Adam Sandler songs, and this is a list of some of the best Adam Sandler songs around.

"Red-Hooded Sweatshirt" (1997). The song "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" (1997) is listed as being officially released on the album "What's Your Name?" (1997). But the world got to see, and hear, this comedy classic a year before as part of the recurring "Weekend Update" skit on "Saturday Night Live." The simple premise is Sandler singing about a red-hooded sweatshirt he has had since he was very young.

"The Chaunkah Song" (1996). This is Adam Sandler's answer to all of the Jewish folks that wanted their own holiday carol. There have been several versions of this song released throughout the years with different people mentioned, but the basic premise is that the song is a list of famous Jewish people that many people may not have realized were Jewish.

"Ode to My Car" (1996). This song is featured on the album "What the Hell Happened to Me?" (1996) and is a lament about everything that is wrong with Sandler's car. It is a profanity-laced narrative delivered over a reggae beat. It has been covered by several artists and used in a few movies as well.

"Crazy Love" (1996). It is unclear as to what the inspiration for this song was, but it has become a popular comedy favorite since its release in 1996. It talks about a relationship between two people who stalk each other and do strange things with pasta.

"The Grandma Song" (1996). Adam Sandler premiered this song on an episode of "Saturday Night Live" and it became a classic. It is all about the personal relationship a young person has with his grandma, the things they say to each other, the lengths that grandma will go to make sure the grandkids have fun and why it is important to show respect to your grandma.

-George Root