This Adam Sandler movies list is a collection of hilarious comedy films from this Brooklyn-born comedian. With over 30 movie appearances under his belt, Adam Sandler has been a Hollywood juggernaut for over fifteen years. While even the most rabid of Adam Sandler fans would agree that some of his movies were quite disappointing most of his flicks have done very well at the box office.

  1. “Billy Madison” Adam Sandler in his first leading role. Sandler plays a spoiled, irresponsible young man who must go back to elementary school if he is to inherit his father's hotel empire. Admittedly, some feel Sandler was still rather raw at this point of his career. However, his trademark humor was already very evident.

  2. “Happy Gilmore” Playing the role of a former hockey player turned golfer, Sandler has to succeed on the greens and raise the money needed to save his grandmother's home. Appearances by Lee Trevino, Bob Barker and Richard Kiel made this movie extra special.

  3. “Bulletproof” Adam Sandler teamed up with the then-hot Damon Wayans for “Bulletproof”. Wayans is an undercover officer who befriends Archie Moses, a criminal played by Sandler, in an attempt to get the information needed to break the case. The movie also stars the venerable James Caan.

  4. “The Wedding Singer" A wedding singer and a waitress are both engaged to be married until fate suddenly intervenes. Slowly, the two begin falling for each other. Many consider this to be Sandler's finest work. True or not, his onscreen chemistry with co-star, Drew Barrymore was so good that the two reunited years later for another film.

  5. “Big Daddy” In order to prove to his girlfriend that he has become more mature, Sandler decides to adopt a young boy. Things do not go according to plan and Sandler must adjust to being a full time foster parent. One of Sandlers's biggest hits to date, the movie grossed over $160 million at the box office. Many who saw the movie may have missed out on the fact that “Frankenstein” was played by two brothers. Twins, to be exact.

  6. “Punch-Drunk Love” Sandler plays a likable small-business owner who slowly falls in love with a beautiful but enigmatic woman. Moviegoers were a little confused as they were so used to Sandler's comedic prowess. Although the movie did not generate a lot of money, Adam Sandler was able to show of his dramatic side. It was only during the movie's video run did they begin to appreciate this 2002 gem.

  7. “The Longest Yard” Sandler is a washed-up football player who gets sent to prison. There he must lead the prison football team against the warden's team composed of the prison guards. While some felt slighted by this remake of a Burt Reynolds classic, moviegoers came out in droves to the tune of over $150 million at the box office. Chris Rock co-stars and almost steals the show from Adam Sandler.

  8. “50 First Dates” Sandler is an easy-go-lucky Hawaiian who falls in love with Barrymore, a a beautiful young woman who suffers from a strange form of amnesia. Their first film together was so successful that a reunion was inevitable. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore came back even stronger with a $45 million opening weekend.

  9. “Mr. Deeds” A simple and sweet-natured young man from a small town suddenly finds himself the majority owner of a huge media conglomerate. His naive but sincere approach to running his new business attracts a tabloid reporter. A remake from the 1936 Gary Cooper classic, “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”, the 2002 version stars Winona Ryder as Sandler's love interest. The movie also benefits from John Turturro's considerable talents.

  10. “Grown Ups” Following the death of thei high school basketball coach, the former teammates who are now middle-aged men, reunite once more for a memorable Independence Day holiday weekend. Adam Sandler is joined by Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider in this 2010 release. The movie grossed an impressive $162 million with a $40 million opening weekend.