A Stephen King Biography That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Wednesday, September 21 by Brandi Macon

Stephen King biography. Who knew that the boy from Portland, Maine would go from writing in the school paper to an international icon? Stephen King isn't your average writer. He's created classic horror stories and directed movies that have thrilled, chilled and scared the pants of audiences worldwide. He's received numerous awards for stories like "Cujo" and "Firestarter". King also received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

Humble Beginnings: As a toddler, King's parents separated. Living with his mother and older brother, they scraped to get by. Years later, he graduate high school and attended a nearby college for a degree in English. He met and married his wife Tabitha in 1971. However, life wasn't so good after school. King couldn't find a teaching job, but later found work as a laborer.

Fledging Writer: Although teaching didn't work out right away, Stephen pursued smaller, less lucrative means to support his family.  He began composing short stories for several men's magazines. Finally, a teaching position opened up at a Hampden, Maine public school. During the evenings he continued to write short stories and novels. His big break came when Doubleday accepted the novel "Carrie". Stephen King was born.

Success: The success of "Carrie" encouraged him to publish "Salem's Lot", then "The Shining" and later "The Stand". Each new novel was a hit with readers. A while later he wrote "The Dead Zone". His books take creepy suspense to a whole new level. Unpopular school girls with telekinesis, crazy hotels that encourage murder and undead creatures of the night make for great entertainment. All of these novels became successful movies that put fear in audiences.

Movie Appearances: A number of the Stephen King books have been turned into big screen movies and made-for-television movies. He's made guest star appearances in almost all of them. He may appear as the pizza guy, janitor or even a creepy security guard. You better look quickly, or he's gone in a flash. He's also appeared in television shows that aren't a part of his collection.

This King biography just touches on his achievements. This author continues to write the most interesting books for his fans. His newest books will be out some time in 2011. King has written hundreds of short stories, novels, anthologies and much more in his lifetime.

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