With a name like his, you probably would think that Rob Zombie movies are about well, zombies. Even if you're a fan of his singing then you might also want to learn about his awesome movies, which aren't about zombies at all but are definitely in the horror genre. There are numerous Rob Zombie movies either available now or in production at the moment and all of them are horror movies, just how we like it. Like many movies by independent filmmakers, Rob Zombie movies are focused on his passion, not what mainstream Hollywood tells him he should make.

"House of 1000 Corpses" This was the first of the Rob Zombie movies. It's a story about a group of teens that end up at a house filled with a serial killer family. While it may not be everyone's taste, it's filled with horror and comedy alike, which gives it a little something unique and keep in mind, this was his first movie and he's only gotten better.

"The Devil's Rejects" The second of the Rob Zombie movies is not only more serious, it's downright better. It stars among others, his wife Sherri Moon, who is the ultimate horror actress. Although she was in the first movie as well, it's here that she excels as a performer. This one can't be classified as just horror. It's more of action and revenge with some gore and horror thrown in. This movie is a little hard to watch but you won't soon forget it and it's one of the best of all of the Rob Zombie movies.

"The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" This movie is more of a cartoon for adults. It's an animated film based on a comic book series by Rob Zombie and features adult humor not for the kids. But hey, who said the kids could watch it anyway? It's not like they don't have their own cartoons to enjoy. Now we have one of our own without having to share.

"Rob Zombie's Halloween" A remake of the classic hit of the 70's, "Rob Zombie's Halloween" once again features his "I just ooze with sex and sensuality"  wife, Sherri Moon Zombie. Not only is it an excellent remake of the original, it focuses more of the childhood of Michael Myers so we get insight on why he is what he is. It's not as fun as the original but it is more of a real story instead of camp and if you love to know why people do the things they do then either watch this movie or take a psychology course but the movie will be much more fun.

"Halloween 2" "Halloween 2" focuses more on the elements that the original Halloween movies had and that's mindless killing; exactly what we all love. While the first one focused on Michael Myers and his childhood, this one has his sister in it as a focus but doesn't stray far from the mindless killing that so many loved in the first versions of Halloween and let's face it, gore and torture porn sells.

Rob Zombie was set to make a remake of "The Blob" but had backed out of it because it is hard to make a remake that others won't compare to the original. He stated that it was a no-win situation. He has another movie he's working on that focuses on the Salem Witch Trials. So if you love horror and want to see an excellent filmmaker that doesn't cater to what the mainstream suggests, then you'll love the Rob Zombie movies.

-Kim Hill