Miranda Cosgrove's bio is pretty interesting for an eighteen year old. Born May 14, 1993, Miranda Cosgrove was discovered in an unusual way. One day while at a restraunt with her parents, she decided to dance and sing for the restraunt on her table. Luckily for her, there was an agent at the same restraunt who saw how much talent this little girl had and decided to sign her.

Miranda Cosgrove started her child acting carreer doing commercials for Burger King and Mcdonalds, but it did not take long before her talent was realized and she jumped to movies and sitcoms. Her first movie was in 2003 when she was only ten years old, as the band manager in "School of Rock". While in the middle of filming the movie she found out some very exciting news. The nickelodeon sitcom "Drake and Josh" had been picked up, where should would play the mean little sister to Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The sitcom was a hit and gave Miranda her big start. The show ran from 2004-2007. 

In 2005 Miranda Cosgrove leant her voice as Munch in the animated childrens movie "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". 2005 was a very busy year for Miranda. When the show "Drake and Josh" ended Miranda was imediatly given her won show, "iCarly". She stars as Carly Shay, who lives with her brother while their parents are overseas with the military. She and two of her friends have a very popular web show called "iCarly". 

One thing is sure, Miranda Cosgrove is very talented and has shown it in her variety of characters—from an annoying mean little sister, to an innocent loving sister, to a bunny. No matter what her role is she chooses, she always does a wonderful job. 

-Leigha Isbell