A Lauren Bacall biography portrays one of the most famous living actresses of our times. Bacall was thrown into the spotlight at age 19 and never looked back. Bacall is known as a leggy sardonic beauty who caught the attention of film director Howard Hawks when he saw a young Lauren Bacall on the cover of a fashion magazine. Humphrey Bogart met Ms. Bacall on the set of her first film and was immediately drawn to her bedroom eyes, sultry aura and whiskey voice. Soon thereafter, they became one of Hollywood’s most exciting couple.

Birth Betty Joan Perske was born September 1924 in New York to middle class parents that divorced when she was quite young. Lauren Bacall still goes by “Betty” with her closest friends.

Modeling After attendin the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she started modeling in 1941 while supplementing her income as a theater usher. Her duties as a hostess at the Stage Door Canteen kept her focus on the theater world. Her portrait was on the cover of "Harper’s Bazaar" in 1943.

Acting Director Howard Hawks became allured by her provocative "HB" magazine photo and invited her for a screen test. Several acting parts fell into her lap with co-star Humphrey Bogart, all big hits of the dramatic and noir-type genre: "The Big Sleep," "Dark Passage" and Key "Largo" were some of the early successes.

Marriage Bacall and Humphrey Bogart fell in love on the set of Howard Hawk’s film "To Have and Have Not," her first film role. They married in 1945 and stayed together as a happy couple until Bogart’s death in 1957. Later after Broadway theater appearances, she and famed actor Jason Robards were married in 1961 until their divorce in 1969.

Broadway A successful comeback to Broadway with the musical "Applause" in 1970 earned her a Best Actress Tony Award. Bacall received a second Tony Award after returning to Broadway in 1981.

Later in Life Lauren Bacall has written three autobiographies interspersed strategically throughout her stunning and adventurous life. She has played in several drama, romance and comedy films that have garnered her several awards from her peers. In 1996 she received her first Oscar nomination for "The Mirror has Two Faces."

Lauren Bacall’s bio is an inspiration for many; she was and still is an attractive and charming, hard-nosed pragmatist. Keep abreast of Ms. Bacall’s recent and past ventures. She has the endearing qualities of a winning spirit and her legacy will live on for decades.