6 Chuck Norris Movies That Have Roundhouse Kicks to The Face

Sunday, February 26 by John Coon


Chuck Norris did not become a superhuman strongman and Internet sensation overnight. Norris built the myths and legends surrounding him with a flourishing movie career in the 80s and early 90s. Watching a Chuck Norris movie helps you understand why if you woke up this morning, it means Chuck Norris spared your life. His movies also show you that if Chuck Norris delivers a roundhouse kick to your face or body, even Google will not be able to find you.

No true Chuck Norris fan can claim fandom until he has watched these six classic Chuck Norris action flicks:

"The Delta Force" (1986):


Chuck Norris takes on a bunch of Lebanese terrorist hijackers in a covert military operation designed to rescue the hostages. It all reaches the climax where he is blasting terrorists and their jeeps off a runway from his motorcycle. "The Delta Force" paired Norris with Lee Marvin, another tough-as-nails actor in his final big screen role. What better high note to end your career on than kicking butt alongside Norris?

"Missing In Action" (1984):


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Norris takes on a powerful drug lord and corrupt cops in his own Chicago precinct. Best part of the movie comes when he rescues a robot called the Prowler and uses it to fight bad guys. Yeah, that's right. Chuck Norris is a master of man and machine alike.

"Lone Wolf McQuade" (1982):


In a precursor to his famous role as Cordell Walker, Norris plays a loner Texas Ranger who faces off with an arms merchant played by David Carradine. One thing we learn from this movie is that even being buried alive in his truck can't stop Chuck Norris. He simply digs himself out and keeps up his dogged pursuit of the bad guys. Now that's a man's man.

"The Way of the Dragon" (1972):


Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee? Talk about your epic martial arts duels. In a truly fictional turn, Lee gets the best of Norris because he is cast as the hero while Norris is cast as the villain. We all know this would not happen, No force in the universe can overpower Chuck Norris.

" normal_dodgeball---7.jpg

One thing proved by this send-up of sports movies (besides the fact that Ben Stiller can do disturbing things with a slice of pizza) is that Chuck Norris does not need a gun or a roundhouse kick to the face to defeat a bad guy. This time around, all he needs is his thumb and his comedic chops. Norris casts the deciding vote in favor of continuing the dodgeball championship game against the protests of White Goodman. It paves the way for Peter LeFleur and Average Joes to win the tournament and their gym back.

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