5 James Cameron Movies That Are As Epic As They Are Awesome

Tuesday, October 25 by Jacob Quinn

True Lies


“True Lies” is one of the most light hearted James Cameron Movies. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy trying to hide his identity from the members of his family. His wife doesn’t even know he’s a secret agent, and this results in all sorts of comic hijinks. The movie also has some really great action sequences and it’s a joy to watch from beginning to end.


“Avatar” was another blockbuster success, and it’s already become one of the most successful James Cameron movies. This time, the director made an entire film using computer animation, and he used many advanced techniques to make sure his computerized actors were as lifelike as possible. It’s a science fiction story set on a planet being explored by humans. There are intelligent aliens on the planet and the film deals with the interactions between the people and the aliens. “Avatar” was also a 3D film, which made the visual experience of watching it in the theater fairly spectacular.  

Sorry again that we left off Aliens.

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