Bruce Campbell movies present viewers with the ultimate guilty pleasures. The man known as “The Chin” has appeared in numerous cult classics and remains one of the biggest cult sensations working in film today. While many younger fans know him from his role on TV’s “Burn Notice,” his long-time fans can count the movies he appeared as some of their favorites of all time.

“The Evil Dead”  This Bruce Campbell movie made two men superstars. Director Sam Raimi cashed in his growing popularity to end up helming three “Spider-Man” movies in his career. However, his star from “Evil Dead,” Bruce Campbell, remained a proud B-movie actor. This debut feature was one of the most ingenious slasher films to come out in the ‘80s and garnered two sequels. Listen to the commentary tracks on the numerous DVD releases and you might think it was as much fun to shoot it as it is to watch it.

“Army of Darkness”  The second sequel to “Evil Dead” took this Brice Campbell movie in a completely different direction. At the end of “Evil Dead 2,” Bruce and his car ended up transported back in time to a medieval period, where he used his boom stick and a lot of attitude to continue his fight against Deadittes. He also got some romance this time around, even if it was just for a “little sugar.”

“Spider-Man” movies   Sam Raimi did not forget his friend when he went big time. While these are not technically Bruce Campbell movies, they all featured “The Chin” in various roles. Fans of Campbell were overjoyed to see their hero show up in the big budget comic book films. In the first movie, he was the professional wrestling announcer who gave Spider-Man his name. In the second, he was an usher who wouldn’t let Peter into the show. In the third movie, he was a maitre d’, who insulted Peter.

“Bubba Ho-Tep”   In what is easily the best Bruce Campbell movie outside of Sam Raimi’s films, “Bubba Ho-Tep” has one of the most interesting plots of any movie out there. Elvis and JFK are both still alive and living out their final days in a nursing home where they end up having to fight for their lives from a mummy. It is ludicrous and presents one of the most disgusting penis jokes in a long time. Campbell is Elvis, by the way, in this movie directed by the guy who brought us “Phantasm.”

“My Name is Bruce”  This is a Bruce Campbell movie directed by the man himself. The movie is very meta as Bruce plays a fictional version of himself in this movie where he is asked to help a town possessed by demons. The reason they come to him is simply because he killed demons in his movies. Bruce, thinking it is all a joke, plays along until he realizes there is really a demon on the loose and he is expected to beat it. Funny stuff as Bruce has no problem making fun of himself.