There have been many funny comedians in show business, but the men on this list are the greatest funny men to ever work in the business, both on the stage and in the movies.

Eddie Murphy. The Eddie Murphy that now stars in family movies is not the same man that lit the comic world on fire while serving as a very funny comedian. He was foul mouthed and cutting edge and the best of his time. Check out “Delirious” to see Eddie Murphy at his best. After finishing his standup career, Murphy became one of Hollywood's best comics, starring in movies like "Beverly Hills Cop" and "48 Hours."

Richard Pryor. If you only know Richard Pryor from his movies, you are missing out on a very funny comedian. Pryor was raw and dirty and a cutting edge comedian that paved the way for men like Eddie Murphy to step into his shoes. Pryor’s greatest gift as a comedian was his mastery of storytelling. No one was better. Everyone from Eddie Murphy to Chris Rock count Richard Pryor as an idol.

George Carlin. George Carlin polarized audiences, mainly due to his baiting of religious subject matter. If you were able to laugh at yourself, Carlin remained a very funny comedian with a very dark look at society. He will always be known for his seven dirty words. George Carlin also made his name in Hollywood, starring in comedies like "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."

Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks, also known as the Man in Black, was a very funny comedian who made a career out of satire and irony. He had serious opinions about everything, from religion to politics to music to drugs, and never relented when people thought he was going too far. All along the way, he claimed he was saving people from themselves.

Robin Williams. He has become repetitive thanks to his movies, but once upon a time he was one of the most controversial and funny comedians on the planet. His “Cocaine” show was infamous, and almost cost him a number of movie roles. But his comedy, fired out rapid fire, was insane and always hilarious. Once his standup career ended, he went on to star in a number of comedies but soon earned critical acclaim for dramatic turns in "Dead Poet's Society" and "Good Will Hunting."