While the network features a number of funny shows such as “South Park” and “Futurama,” Comedy Central's commedians remain at the center of much of the programming. Whether these comedians worked standup or appeared on other shows, they each received a chance to showcase their skills in shows on the funny network.

Jeff Dunham – Jeff Dunham got his start on late night talk shows and standup comedy acts, popularizing his ventriloquist skills with a number of characters including Achmed the Dead Terrorist and the Jose Jalapeño on a Stick. He moved on to become a Comedy Central comedian with specials before getting his own show called “The Jeff Dunham Show” in 2009.

Jon StewartJon Stewart has enjoyed a strange trip to his current status as the stalwart Comedy Central comedian. After getting his start on MTV, working a talk show called “The Jon Stewart Show,” he since moved to Comedy Central and has turned “The Daily Show” into something unique in the world of television. The show uses his comedic talents to their full extent while focusing on actual world and political news, which in taken seriously on the show.

Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert got his start as a Comedy Central comedian on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” but eventually left the show to get his own spinoff series, “The Colbert Report.” Much like Jon Stewart, Colbert focuses on world news and politics, taking his views seriously but adding a much needed comic touch to the proceedings. The show, a light hearted spin on the Bill O’Reilly television series, has earned Colbert numerous Emmy nominations.

Norm McDonald – Norm McDonald made his name as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” where he took over the “Weekend Update” desk to great success. The comedian’s sarcastic and surly act makes him an acquired taste, but he remains one of the funniest men on TV. He took part in numerous Roasts on the network and, in 2011, became a full-time Comedy Central comedian, earning his own television series, “Sports Show with Norm McDonald.”

Daniel Tosh – One of the newest and freshest Comedy Central comedians is Daniel Tosh. Tosh has his own series on the network called "Tosh.0" as well as a couple of stand up acts that has aired on Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh’s gimmick is to use current YouTube and other various online videos to fuel his humor, which plays off the stupidity of others.

-Shawn Lealos