Warning! Watching these five David Cronenberg movies will gross you out, and may cause loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of the will to live, and loss of all sanity. But if you spread them out a little, these five movies from one of the true masters of psychological horror and suspense, David Cronenberg, can be a fun time.

"The Fly"- Here's a funny thing about David Cronenberg. Even when he strives to make a fun and popular movie for mass audiences, it ends up still being able to gross you out. Exhibit one is "The Fly," part of the 80s spate of classic horror movie remakes. In the orginal "The Fly," starring Vincent Price, the titular character's teleportation experiment results in his waking up with the head and arm of a fly. In the Cronenberg remake, the experiment is even scarier, as Dr. Seth Brundle actually merges on a genetic level with a housefly, causing his human form to slowly (and disgustingly) fall apart. If that's not gross enough for you, there's the scene with a monkey getting turned inside out by a botched teleportation. Now who's hungry?

"Naked Lunch" - Remember that thing about Cronenberg sometimes trying to make a movie for mass audiences? "Naked Lunch" is definitely not that movie. Based on the novel by William S. Burroughs, "Naked Lunch" is not only a David Cronenberg movie that will gross you out, but one of the generally weirdest movies ever made. Much of the imagery in the movie can't be comfortaby related here, but one scene features a man being violently raped and bloodily killed by a giant centipede-like creature. Also, the main character gets his orders from a talking anus. By now you probably know if you want to see this movie or not.

"Videodrome" - One of the definitive David Cronenberg movies that will gross you out, "Videodrome" is about an evil TV station that drives its viewers insane. The graphic and hallucinatory imagery in the movie will not only gross you out, but may indeed drive you insane as well. One infamous scene features a man who's just been shot being overrun by vicious-looking exploding tumors.

"Crash" - Well, you wanted a David Cronenberg movie that will gross you out, right? Enough with the preliminaries, this is arguably the most disgusting and deranged of his many disgusting and deranged films. Here's a helpful excerpt from one online "parents' guide" about the film: "Spader penetrates Rosanna Arquette's character in a wound in her leg. (Graphic)." Wait, so that wasn't a "Boston Legal" rerun?

"The Dead Zone" - As kind of a cool-down entry, "The Dead Zone," is another one of Cronenberg's movies in which the director is on his best behavior. But it can still gross you out, as evidenced by the famous scene in which a man decides to commit suicide in the most painful ways imaginable - by thrusting his open mouth into a pair of scissors.

There you have it, five David Cronenberg movies that will gross you out. And here's some more good news. If you liked these, there's plenty more in his body of work to gross you out even more!