These five Clive Barker movies define bloody horror films. Most movies are either scary or gory. Creating that careful balance of a bloody film that can scare audiences is not easy at all, but these particular Clive Barker movies do just that: they get you queasy without the nasty cleanup; they get you jumping in your chair without giving you nightmares and they don't rely too much on computer-generated effects. These movies are just good, well-written, moderately budgeted scary stories.


This is probably Clive Barker's most famous film. "Hellraiser" is still one of the scariest movies in horror film history despite the fact the special effects are quite dated. It mixes elements of demonic posession, murder, animalistic sex and, most importantly, stupid characters that don't know to run away from supernatural happenings. Some of the scenes are quite disturbing. The story is scary and does more than makeup for the dated effects. "Hellraiser" is definitely a must-see Clive Barker film. Oh, and Pinhead (Doug Bradley) is probably one of the scariest creatures to hit the big screen, crappy effects or not.


Urban myths at its best. Candyman (Tony Todd) is an apparition that appears in the mirror when his victims call his name five times. He then proceeds to disember said victims. This story is cool because it takes place in Chicago's infamous Cabrini Green area. When people start dying the police blame rival gangs, not knowing that a malevolent and rather cranky spirit is slaying the people who disturb him. Check this movie out. It's a Clive Barker classic


What you have here is a horror story where humans are the bad guys. Say what? Yes. This film is centered around a group of mutants, freaks and otherwise scary individuals who are trying to escape persecution exacted on them by the normal folks. Craig Sheffer plays Aaron Boone, the head freak if you will, trying to get his friends away from the normal folks. Even if you don't like Clive Barker, you'll like this one.

"Book of Blood"

Clive Barker's fingerprints are all over this one. Blood, gore and a scary story is what you're in for with this particular flick. Imagine a house being the intersection between here and the afterlife. Imagine that some of the people dwelling in the afterlife want to come back and cause havoc. If you like horror at any level, you'll enjoy this. Jonas Armstrong plays the paranormal expert Simon McNeal, charged with shutting down the otherwordly crossroads. Oh and Doug Bradley appears in this one as well.

"Rawhead Rex"

This film will never be mentioned in the same sentence with the great horror films of all time. The effects are dated, the story isn't that great, and it follows the whole "evil is unleashed and someone has to fix it" motif. It is, however, a must see if you're a Clive Barker fan. It's one of his earlier stories and you can see pieces of his developing horror genius in it. Watch it once, and never speak of it again. Rawhead Rex is played by a guy named Heinrich Von Schellendorf. Yeah, you'd change your name to Rawhead Rex too if you were born Heinrich Von Schellendorf.