The 5 best movies with Brad Pitt would be next to impossible to select from the numerous films he starred in over his career in film.  Brad Pitt has starred in films featuring him as a thief, a Military man, and a cop among a wide variety of other roles.  This is just a brief list of his best films. 

  1. "A River Runs Through It" - A movie that brought him into star status Pitt stars as one of two brothers of a strict Presbyterian Minister in Montana.  The film details the lives of these two brothers as they spend the summer fly fishing and bonding. 

  2. "Se7en" - Pitt stars alongside Gweneth Paltrow and Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey in this thriller of a film.  Pitt, along with Freeman, must track down a killer that is using the seven deadly sins as a means for his murders. 

  3. "Troy" - Pitt stars as Achilles in the film about Homers great epic.  The film made Pitt a heart throb. The film showcased his ability to perform action filled roles. 

  4. "Inglorious Basterds" - A film in which Pitt played Lt. Aldo Raine, the leader of a group of gorilla American soldiers pit on killing Nazi soldiers.  Pitt lead and terrorized even Hitler in this film. The film was a box office success and also sold millions when it went to DVD. 

  5. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - Pitt was a child that was born old and got younger with every year that passed.  This film was not only a different spin than what has been produced in films, but also a departure from what Pitt has been involved in. 

Over his career, Brad Pitt has starred in dozens of Hollywood hits, with some of the biggest names of the day. It's because of his ability to perform and dominate in these roles.  This list was only a short example of some of his best work to date.