Choosing the 5 Best Horror Characters for 2010 can be a bit difficult, since the year has featured both classic and new characters that have delivered a pretty nice selection of blood and gore. For the Horror freaks, 2010 has been a nice combination of remakes, sequels and new films. Classic Horror characters came back from the dead, while some new blood has arisen. Whether you are searching for blood and gore or just pure horrifying characters, this list will surely give you the creeps.

  1. Freddy Krueger – Yes, he is back again. With a more disturbing makeup and special effects, Freddy can still scare the hell out of you. Directed by Samuel Bayer, the 2010 “Nightmare on Elm Street” follows the classic hack and slash screenplay that will surely leave you sleepless.

  2. Piranhas – Alright, they may not be literal “Characters,” but the Piranhas in “Piranha 3D” are wicked enough that they deserve to be in this list. With those menacing red eyes and teeth that could tear down a man’s flesh in seconds, they surely did a pretty nice job of helping the 2010 horror films get a different “taste.”

  3. The Wolfman – Even if this is just a remake of the 1941 classic film, Benicio Del Tor sure played one creepy “Wolfman.” Although the film received mixed reviews because of its script and lack of menacing scenes, "The Wolfman" was able to deliver a character that is worth remembering.

  4. Nell – “The Last Exorcism” is a pretty good film. Nell, the possessed girl being exorcised, is a character that you will never forget. She has an unsettling aura around her that you would choose to watch the film and finish it, even if it disturbs your religious preferences.

  5. The Crazies – Another remake that garnered pretty good reviews. You can pick any “Crazie” character that has been infected in the movie and put it here in the five best horror characters for 2010. "The Crazies" are not zombies, they are just people infected with a virus that make them very aggressive and unreasonable. That makes them creepier, and more fun to watch.