The 5 best gay black actors have made their mark on society, regardless living alternative lifestyles. Some of these actors hid their sexual preferences while others made a career out of being "loud and proud in the front of the crowd." All of them faced criticisms and all percervered. Each is a lesson in being "ok" with just being who you are, regardless of your career choices. Some of the lesser known are worth a moment of your time to look up and enjoy their work.

  1. RuPaul. Possibly the best known gay black actor is the wild and outlandish RuPaul. This actor started off singing and worked his way onto the big screen, followed by his own television show. The "drag queen" has never attempted to hide his sexual preference and is reported to actually dress as a woman in daily life. 

  2. Josephine Baker. Known for her sultry looks, this singer turned actor was known to have an affair or two with ladies. While the studios were trying to hide her African heritage, the lady was trying to hide her sexual preference. In those days, it would have ruined her career.

  3. Lee Daniels. This gay black actor turned director started out in the closet. He came out to the world after having success with projects including Prince's "Purple Rain".

  4. Darryl Stephens. This gay black actor came out to the world in 2007 after a recurring gay role on the show "Sex in the City." The actor is private about his personal life and has not been linked to life partners.

  5. Billy Porter. Known as the "Bitch of Broadway," this gay black actor has made a career acting on the big stages. He even was granted his own "one-man show" called "Ghetto Superstar" in which he relayed stories of growing up gay.