The 5 best Crispin Glover movies all show the range of different types of characters that Glover is able to portray. Glover's choice of films show that he is capable of acting in both drama's and comedies. Whatever type of film he makes, Crispin Glover has been able to distinguish himself as one of the most intriguing actors in the movie industry. 

  1. "Beowulf": One of the best Crispin Glover movies was his role in "Beowulf." Glover plays Grendel the ferocious beast. Beowulf fights to protect the Danes from the beast named Grendel who is eventually killed by Beowulf. However, Grendel's mother played by Angelina Jolie is not happy about her son's death and seeks revenge.

  2. "Drop Dead Sexy": Another one of the best Crispin Glover movies is "Drop Dead Sexy." Crispin Glover plays an inept character who is trying to get out of his small Texas hometown. A local crime boss offers Glover and his partner a job driving a truck full of bootlegged cigarettes into Mexico. The truck is actually rigged and now they owe the crime boss a quarter of a million dollars. Glover's scheme to find the money is what makes it one of his best movies.

  3. "Willard": In this film, Willard becomes fascinated as well as friends with a group of rats who live in his run down home. Willard uses the rats to attack anyone that comes in his way. However, one of the rats begins to do some horrifying acts which even Willard can't control.

  4. "Back to the Future": As one of the best Crispin Glover movies, "Back to the Future" is a film that has become very well known. Crispin Glover plays the nerdy father of Michael J. Fox's character, Marty McFly.

  5. "River's Edge": Playing a drugged out paranoid, this is another one of the best Crispin Glover movies. Glover's character in "River's Edge" helps hide a killer in an eccentric recluses house who once committed a similar murder. The film focuses on the dysfunctional and ambivalent lives of these characters.