Antonio Banderas movies have ranged throughout his long career, from minor roles to starring roles, based on Banderas' popularity. He's always been known as a heartthrob since he first broke onto the movie scene and has been cast as both the love interest and the dark and brooding leading man or leading villain. Due to his Spanish heritage, he is usually cast in roles that require this type of character or in films that take place in a world that requires Spanish characters. He has also done a wide variety of voices for different films these days, as he has a very distinct voice. Check out the list of Antonio Banderas movies listed below so you can see how his career has changed over the years.

"The Mambo Kings" 

While Antonio Banderas had already been in a number of different movies in Spain and a few in America before this, this one was the first Antonio Banderas movie that proved he could be a bonafide star. In this movie, he starred with Armand Assante as a Latin music king, as Banderas is also a talented musician.


This Antonia Banderas movie was the Academy Award winner for the year it came out, garnering Tom Hanks his first Academy Award and truly putting Banderas on the map. This is a different serious performance for Banderas, as opposed to the other films he had starred in before and during the rest of his career.

"Interview with the Vampire" 

This Antonio Banderas movie placed his elite company with some of the biggest A list actors and male sex symbols in the world, as he plays a vampire in this hit film. Banderas was officially one of the top A-list actors in Hollywood by this point.


This Antonio Banderas movie was one of his first starring roles as an assassin who was also a musician in a small Mexican town.  even with a Salma Hayek sex scene Banderas still managed to steal the movie.

"Shrek 2" 

This Antonio Banderas movie was a sequel to the hit Dreamworks cartoon and was just as good as the first one in many people's eyes. It also began what has become Banderas's notable voice career, as a voice for animated characters in family movies.

- Eli Kooris