Even if you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night, you have to avoid these 4 God awful Ashton Kutcher movies. For a biochemical engineering major, Ashton Kutcher just loves to act like a complete nimrod in front of the camera. In all honesty, he can be a pretty good actor. Kutcher was hilarious in “That '70s Show” and surprised a few critics with his performance in “The Butterfly Effect”. The problem with Ashton Kutcher is that he revels in playing the fool. A number of his projects have him playing similar dim-witted characters that his fans would actually pay good money to go see. Instead to taking on meatier roles, he just goes with what he does best.


“Dude, Where's My Car?” When Ashton Kutcher is paired with Seann William Scott, an actor who excels in the fine art of toilet humor, you really can't expect too much from this stinker. The premise is ridiculously simple. Two pothead friends go on a wild misadventure after forgetting where they had parked their car after a night of extreme partying. Even the presence of the lovely Jennifer Garner couldn't salvage this sorry excuse for a film. It was even a wonder her career continued to take off after this debacle. Many A-list actors learn from their mistakes. Brad Pitt appeared in the incredibly ridiculous “Cool World” but learned to choose more wisely thereafter. George Clooney wore a laughable nipple suit as “The Dark Knight” in “Batman & Robin”. He stayed away from superhero films after that. Kutcher on the other hand, takes on this lame project and makes a career out of playing meatheads.


“What Happens in Vegas”. The odd pairing of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher is completely baffling. As if Ashton Kutcher wasn't bad enough, Diaz comes in and emulates Kucther's brand of comedy in this 2008 romcom. The absurd plot just makes things even worst. After a night of overindulgence, the two find out they had gotten married the night before. To complicate things, Diaz's character plays the slots but walks away after putting in a coin. Kutcher plays the machine and wins the jackpot. The two contest ownership of the sudden windfall and end up in court. The only saving grace of this awful movie was Rob Corddry's part as Kutcher's close friend. Chances are, any chuckles from this film are from of one of Corddry's lines.

“Just Married”. The truth is, Ashton Kutcher can do dorky, funny and lovable quite well–sometimes. Like in the 2010 all-star hit “Valentine's Day.”  It may not have been outstanding, but it wasn't a bad movie and it showcased a more refined version of Kutcher. What usually happens though, is Ashton gets to go over-the-top with the director just nodding his head in approval behind the cameras. The 2003 film, “Just Married” with the late Brittany Murphy is a great example of what happens when Kutcher goes out of control. He and Murphy play a young couple on a dream European holiday. The bride's family were not too keen on the union and come up with a devious scheme to break up the marriage. It would have been a decent date film but Kutcher was just so annoying audiences may have sided with his in-laws.


“Killers”. Kutcher's idea of variety is to take on the role of an elite government assassin who decides to settle down with his special someone. Unfortunately, this project just highlights more of Ashton's bland acting and humor. Kathrine Heigl is game, but working with Kutcher often turns out to be a lose-lose situation. It was supposed to be a comedy but it was just unfunny. It tried to be an action film when his character becomes the target of a multimillion dollar hit, but it also failed there. Obviously, Kutcher and Heigl had top billing but the two were upstaged by an aging Tom Selleck who played Kutcher's father in-law.