It's tough to narrow down 3 weird Werner Herzog movies because Herzog is a director who qualifies as eccentric, artistic and visionary in just about all the work he does. Herzog's films are diverse, ranging from intense narratives to some of the most fascinating documentaries ever made. While weird can be misconstrued to mean bad, in Herzog's case weird often means something that goes against the norm. If you are a true cinephile, this is a great thing.

"Lessons of Darkness"

This weird Werner Herzog movie is odd only because it goes against the traditional documentary format because it has little speaking and interviews. The film shows the disaster of the Kuwaiti oil fields after the first Persian Gulf War. There are no comments on top of the lack of interviews, so what the audience is left with is purely intense and striking visuals, allowing themselves to draw their own conclusions. This weird Werner Herzog movie is undoubtedly one worth seeing.

"Grizzly Man"

This documentary could be considered a weird Werner Herzog movie due primarily to the voiceover Herzog gives throughout it since it is a bit uncomfortable and off-putting with his heavy accent and voice that sounds, at times, like a squeaky hinge on a door. However, the story about an eccentric man named Timothy Treadwell wandering in the Alaskan wilderness with man-eating grizzly bears as his friends is absolutely fascinating and tragic. What also makes "Grizzly Man" a weird Werner Herzog film is that it is also seems to be about Herzog himself in some distant way.

"Wheel of Time"

This 81-minute photographed documentary is a weird Werner Herzog movie as it is technically about a subject that is hard to cover. It is a look at the largest Buddhist ritual in the world which takes place in Bodh Gaya, India, every year. As it is a documentary told primarily through photographs, "Wheel of Time" will qualify to many people as a weird Werner Herzog movie, yet will still be striking in its content.