"Layer Cake"

Sienna Miller looks sexy as hell in "Layer Cake," a 2004 drama that also stars Daniel Craig. One scene where she blows up the hotness scale is when she throws herself on top of a half-naked Craig. Miller is sexy as hell in her black power suit, but the heat really gets cranked up when she goes into the bathroom and changes into sexy black lingerie. Viewers even get a brief glimpse of one of her lovely pale breasts.

"Factory Girl"

One of the most under appreciated love scenes in cinematic history, Sienna Miller shows all in her romp with Hayden Christensen in this 2006 biological film. Halle Berry received great reviews when she showed her bare body in her famous sex scene in "Monster's Ball," but Miller's bedroom sex scene in "Factory Girl" is every bit as hot as the lovely American born British actress shows off every inch of her beautiful body, including her gorgeous breasts and beautiful bush. 


While the movie centers around Jude Law, Sienna Miller does have a role as one of his lovers. In one scene, she throws off most of her clothes, leaving her in nothing but a gold necklace and a pair of sexy pink polka-dotted underwear. However, it is the extended view of her lovely fun bags that make "Alfie" one of the three incredibly sexy Sienna Miller scenes.

Sienna Miller is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. The beautiful blonde model/actress is the perfect subject for nude lovemaking scenes because not only does she look good, but is talented as well. Additionally, she is still young, meaning she will be in plenty of nude scenes in the future.