Being a great auteur takes true talent. To write the words and then direct the performers into becoming the characters is a talent not every director has. These three auteurs proved that they are among the best at their craft in 2011.


Mike Cahill  - "Another Earth"

The Sundance film favorite, "Another Earth" took audiences to a world entirely like our own and yet also entirely different. What makes Cahill’s appearance on this list even more incredible is that "Another Earth" is his first feature film. Making it a strong start for what looks to be an even stronger career.


Tom Mccarthy - "Win Win"

High school wrestling may not seem like prime area for an autuer’s focus, but Tom McCarthy shows there’s drama in everything in his fantastic film “Win Win.” With an excellent script and a truly strong performance from Paul Giamatti, “Win Win” makes a strong case for McCarthy as auteur of the year.


Alexander Payne - "The Descendants"

One of the finest auteurs of our time once again struck deep with “The Descendants.” A well written script is the foundation for one of George Clooney’s finest performances in this family drama. Striking the tone that Payne strikes so well, this sometimes light and other times gravely serious film is the high bar all auteurs hope to hit. While Payne has already won for his writing on his film "Sideways" he proves that he is certainly not a one hit wonder with his unique take on filmmaking.