The 10 most famous Mexican actors have all made their way through the Hollywood crowd to stand out on their own. Known for movies or television, each of these actors began their life in Mexico or comes from a proud Mexican heritage.

  1. Ricardo Montalban. Born in Mexico, this famous Mexican actor first came to world wide notoriety with his role on the television drama "Fantasy Island" as the wish-granting Mr. Rourke. He later made a splash on the big screen as a villain in the "Star Trek" movies.

  2. Anthony Quinn. A Hollywoo legion, this famous Mexican actor has played in movies, television and Broadway. He is possibly best known for his portrayal of "Zorba the Greek" or ":Lawrence of Arabia."

  3. Edward James Olmos. In the 1970's, this famous Mexican actor came to fame playing a bad guy in multiple television shows including "Battle Star Gallactica". His career quickly expanded into directing and film acting. He is known to be a humanitarian, contributing money and time to his mulitple causes.

  4. Cheech Marin. This funny famous Mexican actor got his start as a stoner comedian teamed with Tommy Chong. In later years, he moved to more serious acting roles on television.

  5. Danny Trejo. After spending time in prison, this famous Mexican actor became a boxer and got noticed for his rugged looks. He is the only actor to appear in all three of the popular "From Dusk to Dawn" movies.

  6. Luis Guzman. Born in Puerto Rico, Guzman is Mexican by heritage. He's probably best known for his work in the screen smash "Boogie Nights."

  7. Micheal Pena. Born in America, this famous Mexican actor is probably best known for his role in "Observe and Report".

  8. Diego Luna. This famous Mexican actor started out as a child actor on Mexican television. In the United States, he is probably best known for his role in "Before Night Falls"

  9. Effren Ramirez. This famous Mexican actor came to the limelight as the character "Pedro" in the whacky flick "Napoleon Dynamite."

  10. George Lopez The American born famous Mexican actor started out as a comedian and earned his own sit-com. He is an advocate for Mexican-American culture in the United States.